After buying a MacBook and discovering Apple’s GarageBand recording software, Cynthia Sley of famed NYC no wave outfit Bush Tetras has elected to make her return to music with a new group, Command V (take a look at your Mac keyboard if you don’t get it). The original “Lost on Me” is sparse and strange, but also rather pretty, reflecting the noncomformist attitude of Sley and her bandmates. On the other hand, the Optimo remix marches with a severe and protracted four-on-the-floor, peppering the proceedings with pieces of Sley’s vocals and dark synthesizer parts. Command V’s self-titled debut album drops on March 14 via Mush, while “Lost on Me,” the lead single (artwork above), gets a February 7 release with remixes by Jacques Renault, Nite Plane, and others.

Lost On Me (Optimo Remix)