Russia’s relatively fresh G5 (standing for “gimme 5,” of course) imprint passed along this tune from its newest release, a six-track EP from up-and-comer Maguett entitled Twilight. “Loud Bell” is the kind of slow-burner that can either lull you into a head-nodding trance or gradually draw you out of your surroundings and into its futuristic haze. Not to make it sound like Maguett is the kind of producer who conjures up billowy soundscapes; the Russian architectural student instead places his crunchy noise in delicate nooks and crannies, allowing the detailed (albeit sparse) percussion to anchor the tender chords and occasional synth modulations which appear at the song’s edges. And for those who pay close enough attention, there’s even the faintest touch of pitched vocals, adding another subtle layer to this reserved yet intriguing outing.

Loud Bell