This week saw the release of the Distance & Lights EP, a free, two-song offering from the Edinburgh-based Cut imprint, a net label launched earlier this year by dub-techno producer DFRNT, who also oversees the Echodub label. Cut’s stated intent is to only put out free music while maintaining the quality of traditional releases, and the Distance & Lights EP doesn’t fall short of those aims. Crafted by German producer Essáy, the EP contains a pair of wonderfully laid-back pieces of music that touch on techno without getting anywhere near the dancefloor. In an era where the term “chill” is often equated with lo-fi production techniques and intentionally sloppy construction, a song like “Love & Air” shows that it’s still possible to deliver a relaxing vibe within the context of an impeccably assembled song. With its subdued piano melody, whooshing white noise, and keen placement of various field recordings in the background, “Love & Air” is the sort of inviting number that you want to wrap around yourself like a blanket. Give it a listen below and then head over to the Cut Bandcamp page to download the entire release.

Love & Air