It’s not often that three completely disparate entities from the music world unite under one roof, but it’s 2013, so here we are with Danish synth-pop outfit When Saints Go Machine getting retooled by Brooklyn-based synth duo Teengirl Fantasy (pictured above). Originally, “Love and Respect” was an off-kilter slice of boom-bap, assisted by a soulful verse and a shuffling turns of phrase by MC Killer Mike. In Teengirl Fantasy’s hands, however, only the bare bones of the tune survive, with only chopped lyrics from Killer Mike and the When Saints Go Machine’s original synth chords left behind to create something new entirely. This inside out version of “Love and Respect” is a house banger in every sense of the word, filled with odd twists and synth pileups to create an infectious whole.

Love and Respect feat. Killer Mike (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)