According to our sources, Love Business was a short-lived disco project that operated in the city of Copenhagen from 1978 to 1980, and released only one single, “Your Love Is Like the Ocean.” As luck would have it, Amsterdam-based Danish producer Uffe Christensen (or simply Uffe, pictured above) was able—through a complicated string of connections—to get his hands on the original tape for the instrumental version of “Your Love Is Like the Ocean,” and like any good producer would do, he’s made an edit of the lost single and—best yet—presented it here for free download. A cosmic disco excursion, the edit presents the single’s original elements in a loose, almost jumbled form, as laid-back percussion and hesitant claps keep the beat atop twirling keys, crisp guitar strums, and some intoxicatingly active basslines. Set to eventually see a vinyl release, the digital version of Uffe’s “Your Love Is Like the Ocean” can be grabbed below before the producer’s debut long-player, Radio Days, lands on March 23 via Tartelet (that record is available to preview here).

Your Love Is Like the Ocean (Uffe Edit)