Twins is the alias of Matt Weiner, an Atlanta-based producer and former member of the the Featureless Ghost outfit. Dropping next week, Twins’ two-track Love Is a Luxury 12″ will see a joint release via the fledgling Geographic North label and Weiner’s own CGI imprint. Featured here, “Love Runs Deep” is the forthcoming record’s lush a-side. Built around a relaxed, swung procession of hardware rhythms, Twins’ production oozes with rich synth tones—from the initial pulses of filter-swept chords and soft melodies to its rounded bassline and droning pads, “Love Runs Deep” is a synth-obsessed expedition. The patiently expansive 12-minute production can be grabbed below, while Twins’ entire Love Is a Luxury 12″ (officially out, in vinyl form only, on June 9) can be heard after the jump.

Love Runs Deep