DJ Signify‘s talent as a hip-hop producer isn’t to be debated, given his infamous mixtapes from the mid-’90s, his spot in the legendary 1200 Hobos crew, and his work for Buck 65, Sage Francis, and the anticon. crew, but his latest release, Of Cities, is probably the best thing we’ve heard from him. He’s still pushing his drum-heavy style, which is tight as ever, but he’s also reeled in shades of glitch, new wave, Kraut-rock, and other genres for the tracks. Aesop Rock describing his nervous tic that involves whisting whilst he works adds a nice touch of humor to this track.

Of Cities
01 “The Sickness”
02 “Low Tide ft. Aesop Rock”
03 “Interlude #1”
04 “Costume Kids”
05 “Delight to the Sadist ft. Matt Kelly”
06 “Interlude #2”
07 “Vanessa”
08 “Interlude #3”
09 “1993”
10 “Interlude #4”
11 “Sink or Swim ft. Aesop Rock”
12 “The Gods Get Dirty”
13 “Interlude #5”
14 “Bollywood Babies”
15 “Interlude #6”
16 “Hold Me Don’t Touch”

DJ Signify – Low Tide Ft. Aesop Rock

Blackout Beach – Astoria, Menthol Lite, Hilltop, Wave of Evil, 1982