BEAT.IT Vol.2 is the second compilation by BEAT.IT, a project founded in 2012 by the Italian-born, London-based producer Railster. Brining together a multitude of Italian beatmakers, the goal of the BEAT.IT collective is to provide a creative platform from which these budding producers can connect, conspire, and support one-another’s musical endeavors. Each track selected for this heavy collection is the result of a collaboration between two or more artists who belong to this niche-yet-vibrant scene. According to the collective, the purpose of this release is “to foster new connections between the group members and to generate new, unexpected styles.”

Being offered up as today’s XLR8R download is the track “Asap Rocky Balboa” by LUC B & HLMNSRA. Taking musical cues from the likes of Dibiase and Free the Robots, LUC B & HLMNSRA’s track is a slippery and gated arrangement of coarse synths and diverse percussion that carries itself with a grimacing demeanor.

You can download the track “Asap Rocky Balboa” below via WeTransfer.

Asap Rocky Balboa