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Last week, Canadian label King Deluxe returned after a year-long hiatus with a new record from Dutch sampling whiz Lucinate.

The release, titled Big Noise, features nine cuts that act as a love letter to jazz, the genre he grew up with. Although also featuring his own bass playing, Big Noise was mostly created with samples from Lucinate’s record collection, resulting in a warm, familiar, yet highly inventive album of swirling jazz-tinged beats.

The album also lands with an engrossing video for the title track, in which nine different animators created “an exquisite corpse”—over the course of a year, each animator completed 32 bars of the song before passing it on for the next artist to continue the story.

You can watch the video via the player above, with groove-led album cut “Universal Rhythm” available as today’s XLR8R download below.

Big Noise is available here.

Universal Rhythm