What’s with the South America-Germany connection? Unfortunate historical connections aside, it seems as though many young South American producers have managed to link up with the scene in Germany. Case in point is recent Düsseldorf transplant Guti Podliszewski. Yet, there’s something about Guti’s story that makes him more intriguing than some of his compatriots, as in his native Argentina, he’s known less as a producer of house music and more as the front man for swaggering rock band Jovenes Pordioseros. Since then, Guti has made quite a splash on the house scene with his jazzy and improvisatory take on the genre. With a grip of releases under his belt since 2007, Guti’s just dropped Patio de Juegos (album art featured above), his first solo album since assuming the role of dance music producer. As a teaser, he sent over “Lucio El Anarquista (feat. Daniel Melingo),” a tight house track with Latin percussion, a funky Rhodes line, and raspy vocals provided by Argentine tango singer Daniel Melingo. Patio de Juegos is out now on Desolat.

Lucio El Anarquista (feat. Daniel Melingo)