After years of operating as separate entities, sister labels Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis have teamed up to offer a series of free promo singles under the name Seclus Jockey. The idea behind the series is to showcase unique collaborations and remixes that seem to fall in between both labels spectrum of sound and to highlight the relationship between them. The first single released, “Lunge”, is a collaborative effort from UK producer Sduk and Rotterdam beatmaker Halp (pictured above), the result of which is a hard-edged, arpeggio-laden, 8-bit number. “Lunge” opens with a saw-wave melody that gives way to the half-time drop. Heavily-overdriven bass and cleverly-distorted drums push the track forward underneath the shiny, arpeggiated square-wave lead. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Seclus Jockey releases and grab “Lunge” below.