We’re running with something slightly different on today’s download—an insight into the exciting and experimental musical world of Philadelphia’s David Sutton (a.k.a. LXV). It’s a project that first came onto the public radar back in 2014, and has subsequently served as an outlet for a stream of his highly curious abstract productions.

Sutton has kindly shared “Pripyat (Paper Crown)”—a cut that’s taken from his forthcoming album, Clear, on Barcelona-based imprint Anòmia. The five track LP was inspired by urban living and industrial streets, a feeling that comes to life in the disorderly, chaotic arrangements of the different pieces. “Pripyat (Paper Crown)” feels particularly representative of those feelings, ploughing through moments of desolation, panic and, somehow after all of that, periods of calm. It’s cluttered, glitchy and totally consuming; give it time, however, and Sutton’s ear for detail clearly shines through, as the elegant intricacies in his gritty composition increasingly reveal themselves.

Download “Pripyat (Paper Crown)” below via WeTransfer. Clear is due out on July 1. For more information, head to the Anòmia site.

Pripyat (Paper Crown)