Last month, Blumoog Music dropped its first release of the year, a four tracker featuring a collaborative cut from Alexi Delano & Marko Nastic, a solo effort from label head M.R.E.U.X, and two from veteran Steve Stoll.

The EP, titled Analog Soldiers, follows a stellar 2017 run that saw outings from Terrence Dixon, Beroshima, Aubrey, Gotshell, Frankie Serous, Marc Troi, and, of course, M.R.E.U.X himself land on the label. Like much of Blumoog’s back catalog, Analog Soldiers delivers a set of techno cuts ripe for the floor, from Alexi Delano & Marko Nastic’s deep and menacing “Speak, Machine” to M.R.E.U.X’s hypnotic, groove-led “Ozone” and Steve Stoll’s swinging pair of outings.

In support of the release, Blumoog has offered up the label head’s outing as today’s XLR8R download. Built from a galloping rhythm and atmospheric synth lines, “Ozone” is a deep cut fit for the early hours.

You can grab “Ozone” via WeTransfer below, with the EP available here.