Following on from the brilliant Hindu Milk EP, Glasgow’s Machines in Heaven return with the Displacer EP, to be released early next month. Displacer is said to be a “pulsating reflection on love, beauty and homelessness,” with the release bearing all the trademark synth work and climatic sound the group are known for. Displacer lands backed with remixes by Drvg Cvltvre, Nightwave, and the one in question here from fellow Glasgow artist Graeme Clark (a.k.a. The Revenge). Clark turns in a rolling “Guitar Dub Remix” of the title track, with sharp, drum-machine rhythms providing the driving force of his rework, topped off by a beautiful, repeated synth phrase. You can download The Revenge’s “Guitar Dub Remix” of “Displacer” below, ahead of the full EP release on June 5; which you can also stream in full below.

Displacer (The Revenge guitar dub Remix)