London-via-France dance-punk-funk trio MADMADMAD will release a self-titled debut album, out on March 22 via S.T.A.C Records

The genesis for the record came when the trio of Leon, Kevin, and Benji—all originally from the same part of France— found themselves in a council estate flat-cum-homemade recording studio in Tottenham. “It’s a mad man’s house,” say the group. “Musical instruments everywhere—totally chaotic. Our passion for music has somehow alienated us. We record these dark loopy jams and it’s liberating.” 

We’re told that the LP sits in a unique position of sounding like a rare 1978 Discogs find of some long forgotten cult post-punk band from New York but with a potency and freshness that comes from the clear sense of energy and synergy the band feel from modern times. 

In support of the album, out in March, you can download “Hot Disco” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.