Some tracks hint at their affinity for the crisp, digital sounds of the ’80s with neatly tucked synth lines and sneaky layers of gated reverbs, while others, like this one from Ambassadeurs, wear their love for the decade’s sound right on their sleeve. “Make Me” is the latest pop-streaked production to surface from Mark Dobson (the Brighton resident behind Ambassadeurs), one led by a thick chorus of inhumanly pitched vocals and filled to the brim with snares, toms, stabs, and a variety of synth melodies that unapologetically reference the glowing sound of ’80s pop and R&B. Not completely steeped in retro sonics, though, Amabassadeurs tune also makes sure to look ahead, landing on a unique hybrid that fuses the hyperactive production style of artists like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke with a more emotive take on electronic pop.

Make Me