Mike Delinquent Project is an outfit that pits the garagey production of—you guessed it—Mike Delinquent with a handful of MCs and vocalists. The most recent effort to stem from the project is “Mama Said,” a kind of corny 2-stepper that contemplates the positive ramifications of taking advice from one’s mother (seriously, we’re not joking). Fortunately, London’s Thefft (pictured above) elects to strip back mostly all of the vocals from the original, injecting his remix with chunks of bass weight and monstrous tuned percussion, all of which makes this versin of “Mama Said” much more suited for the dancefloor. This remix from Thefft does not appear on the original tune’s release, but many others do, including one from Zed Bias. After giving “Mama Said (Thefft Remix)” your undivided attention, you can check out the full details of the “Mama Said” single here.

Mama Said (Thefft Remix)