Having released his real name only recently, identifying the anonymous producer Man Power was one of electronic music’s favorite guessing games ever since his debut release on Correspondent in 2014. John Talabot, Michael Mayer, Andrew Weatherall, and Tim Sweeney were among the names thrown out to try and pinpoint the identity behind the textured, genre-straddling house and techno producer, but all came up short. Quenching the curiosity of fans from all over, the UK-born, Mexico-based producer Geoff Kirkwood (aka Man Power) revealed himself to the world. In an interview with XLR8R back in May when the question of his identity was still at large, Kirkwood revealed “[My anonymity] wasn’t intended as a gimmick, but I’d be full of shit if I pretended it hadn’t ended up helping me get noticed.” Despite having revealed himself, Man Power’s music speaks for itself and he has continued to gain a great deal of popularity.

Kirkwood was kind enough to gift us an exclusive track as today’s XLR8R download that was crafted while recording his self-titled debut album, Man Power. Read what he has to say about this exclusive cut in the text below.

“The album ‘Man Power’ was a long, drawn out, and occasionally painful process. Before the focus narrowed to the tighter, experimental pop work it became I had wanted to touch more overtly on my relationship with club music, hence me writing and recording Ess Kew, which kind of tried to bridge Italo vibes with cleaner modern sounds sounds.

When the album finally took a different direction, this track was left homeless. I usually like to write EPs with some kind of Narrative thread to them, so it never felt right to just append this track on to another record as some kind of surplus part, but I really do love it, so I’d rather just throw out in to the world like this. Unclothed and orphaned.”

You can download the track in the player below and be sure to check out more from Man Power by visiting his Soundcloud page here.

Ess Kew