Leyla Records was inaugurated last summer by Brighton-based techno producer Manni Dee‘s Human Image EP, and has since spread its wings with releases from the likes of JoeFarr & Martyn Hare, Witch and Positive Centre. Having got off to a strong start, the imprint is now looking back to Dee for its next release, with the upcoming Counterculture EP (which will drop simultaneously with another EP from Manchester-based techno duo AnD under their Shadows alias).

The producer cites the Birmingham style as his major inspiration: born in the early ’90s, it’s a scene that was led by the likes of Surgeon, Regis and Female, all of whom sat at the forefront of a sound characterised by a hard and fast approach. Today, the torch still burns bright with Dee. On Counterculture all the hallmarks are there. Take “Cameron on a Guillotine” (a choice of politically-inspired title that is more appropriate now than ever before), which rattles through a 140BPM workout of noisy rhythms and metallic stabs.

Ahead of the release, we are delighted to be able to offer a cut lifted from the forthcoming EP for download today. “Occupational Burnout” is one of the more atmospheric tunes on the release. Opening with white noise and distant echoes, a classic broken UK beat soon pierces the murky veil, and it develops into a full throttle banger. It’s a good example of what Dee is capable of mustering, and the kind of quality that Leyla is churning out.

You can download “Occupational Burnout” via WeTransfer below. Counterculture will be available to purchase from July 1, and can be pre-ordered at Juno.

Occupational Burnout