Well, this is wonderfully massive—in more ways than one. As we previously reported, the Brooklyn-based RVNG label nabbed that guy who, you know, made up that whole techno thing (a.k.a. Juan Atkins) to do a remix of a song by NY noise makers Psychic Ills (pictured above) for its fourth installment of the FRKWYS series. That’s a pretty big deal, sure, but what’s really huge is the track Atkins produced for his contribution. His remix of the heavily psychedelic and meandering “Mantis” eschews just about everything from the original save for its guitar plucks, moody vibe, and length. Instead of live percussion and wafting synth tones, the remix focuses on a thick, hypnotic bassline, an incessant drum-machine beat, and a few samples from Psychic Ills’ number warped into unrecognizable sound effects. And if you’ve got it on repeat like we do, the 10-minute track seems to carry on indefinitely without ever wearing its welcome thin. (via Altered Zones)

Mantis (Juan Atkins Remix)