Having to go through necessary transformations and incarnations is something that most bands have to deal with throughout their career, especially if they want to complete the process of recording multiple albums and survive over eight years of working together in the studio and touring around the world, yet, not all bands come out the other side as shiny and refined as Marbert Rocel. Founded in 2005 by roommates Malik and Panthera Krause in their Erfurt apartment, Marbert Rocel quickly grew into a band that was closely considered to be a jazzy German derivative of Sonic Youth when lead singer Antje Selfarth’s voice first broke onto the scene. Back in 2007, this mixture of smooth female vocals and post-electronica-pop arrangements quickly caught the attention of the legendary Munich-based independent label Compost Records. Now, with numerous tours under its belt and its fourth studio album In The Beginning currently set for release on October 9, we are happy to see Marbert Rocel on the other side of a rollercoaster that included multiple releases and remix packages for acts like Pentatones, Marek Hemmann and Clueso. The last time we featured Marbert Rocel, was in 2008 for the track “Tttictictac,” and now, the band is back with a new download offering from their latest album with the song “Unwillingly Close.” The break-bloop beginnings of the track create a buttery and direct path right to the warmth of Selfarth’s lyrics, while the rest of the track is reminiscent of the highly polished uptempo pop- jazz sound that we have come to love from the band. 

You can pre-order the new Marbert Rocel album In The Beginning right now on iTunes, and you can download the track “Unwillingly Close” right here on XLR8R by clicking on the media player below.

Unwillingly Close

You can also check out a teaser video for the album by here:

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