Last month, Marieu (one half of The Analogue Cops) & Mannella kicked off their new PicNic34 label—which is also headed up by DIY and Lucretio (the other half of The Analogue Cops)—with the “Tecnologia Robotica” single, a two track vinyl-only release backed up by a Christian Vogel “ReTransform.” Not on the release is “Charlotte Loves Us,” a groovy, analog techno cut with a hard-hitting, stripped back aesthetic. Driven along by a raw drum-machine rhythm and a repeated female vocal, “Charlotte Loves Us” struts along at a steady pace, patiently building the tension with abrasive pads that engulf the track midway through before slightly letting up and allowing the groove back in. “Tecnologia Robotica” will arrive on vinyl soon, with “Charlotte Loves Us” available as a free download below.

Charlotte love us