Up-and-coming producer Yoin technically hails from Scotland, but judging from this tune off his recently released 7″ for the Tuff Wax imprint (Aberdeen Truth Vol.2), he could just as conceivably be a resident of Bangor, Maine (as in, “That shit’s a banger, mang”). Starting off with some tasty percussion and classic claps, Yoin unfolds a propulsive kick pattern and almost-too-far pitched vocals over the course of the track’s first 50 seconds or so. Following that, we get our first taste of bangerdom with ravey stabs and a locked-groove rhythm, leading to the customary breakdown/build-up somewhere around the two-minute mark. Then—of all things—the young producer decides to pitch up the vocals even further and chop them into an inescapable loop. And after that? He serves up even more rapid-fire percussion and stuttering snare fills.

Martial Status