Marley Carroll has released double single Starlings & Seven Crows and detailed plans for an upcoming full-length, Flight Patterns, out later this year. 

Carroll is a classically-trained pianist and percussionist who began winning nationwide DJ battles at the age of 17. His early musical experiments wove the precision of mid-era Warp (think Boards of Canada, Autechre) with the gauzy emotional haze of shoegaze, culminating in his debut LP, Melanaster. His follow-up, 2013’s Sings, revealed a more rhythmically-driven version of Carroll’s vision, influenced by the dancefloor energy of larger live audiences. 

We’re told that themes of “migration and movement” accompany double single Starlings” & “Seven Crows. “This all started with the crows,” he explains. “I work from a small home studio in the mountains surrounded on all sides by trees, and I began to feel this spooky intelligence all around me, like I was being watched. I became fascinated by their activities, their comings-and-goings, the little dramas that are playing out all around us, all the time. That led to an obsession with bird calls and communication and now it’s gotten to the point where I have a Cornell Ornithology Lab calendar hanging in my bedroom.”

With Flight Patterns, we’re told that Carroll has tuned his instruments skyward and used samples and textures from the natural world, including bird songs, field recordings, gongs, deep basses, wooden drums, and plaintive analogue synths. 

In support of the double single, out now on Loci Records, you can download “Starlings” in full via the WeTransfer button belowor here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 

Flight Pattern will land on November 16.