Although Grand High Priest’s “Mary Mary” was released almost six years ago, the folks at Sheffield’s MoreAboutMusic label have enlisted the likes of Altered Natives, Bok Bok, and Yannah Valdevit (pictured above) to revamp, rework, and resurrect the Chicago house tune for 2012. Although the first two remixes bang as hard as one would expect, Valdevit’s remix may come as a bit of a surprise to those who know her for the lighthearted vocal stylings she’d put out as part of the duo Eddy Meets Yannah. However, she proves herself to be a more than capable remixer; although the original track’s blistering synth lead is left mostly untouched, Valdevit does away with the steady marching beat of the original “Mary, Mary,” replacing it with a syncopated stomp that weaves in and out of the mix and allows Dajae’s soaring, gospel-tinged vocals to stand front and center. You can stream the rest of the EP, which is out today, after the jump.

Mary, Mary (Yannah Valdevit Remix)

Mary Mary (Yannah Valdevit Remix)