What happens when you combine two classically-trained musicians with glitched-out beats in the vein of Lazer Sword and other bass-loving knob twiddlers? Virtual Boy is what happens. The duo of Preston Walker and Henry Allen is poised to release its newest EP, Symphony No. None, on February 1 and have made the EP’s closing track available to give us a taste. “Mass” is not a tune for the light-hearted; it’s a seven-plus minute epic that combines classical-style instrumentation and Phillip Glass-esque melodies with slow, head-nodding drum programming and an array of laser-synths. The track acts as a lesson in patience for some of those beat-hungry heads out there, as the dramatic, melodic intro builds for the first two minutes of the song before anything resembling a beat comes in, giving you plenty of time to grab your favorite hoodie, throw on a fitted hat of your choosing (tilted slightly to the side, of course), and embrace the heaviness that is “Mass.”