LA-based multi-instrumentalist Tim Conley (a.k.a. MAST) dropped his second full-length, a highly conceptual and deeply personal album titled Love and War_, on October 7 via Alpha Pup.

Conley constructed the album like a three-act play: Act 1 tells the story of “finding love and the beauty and naivety that comes with exploring something new”; Act 2 centers on “losing that love due to her substance abuse, deception, and Conley coping in unhealthy ways”; and, finally, Act 3 is about “learning to let go, heal, and ultimately find a much deeper, lasting love.” It’s an ambitious concept and album, and one that Conley weaves together with stunning instrumentation and arrangement—it’s a wondrous album in the truest sense of the format.

Love and War_ was mixed and mastered by Alpha Pup label head, Daddy Kev, and features some of the world’s leading instrumentalists and vocalists, including, among others, Taylor McFerrin, Tim Lefebvre, Louis Cole, The Fresh Cut Orchestra—which normally includes MAST as a member on guitar and live electronics—Josh Johnson, Gavin Templeton, Ryat, and Koreatown Oddity.

With the album out now on Alpha Pup, the label and Conley have offered up the dreamy and hypnotic “The Letting Go” (feat. Taylor McFerrin) as today’s XLR8R download. Grab the cut via WeTransfer below and make sure to pick up the full album over at Bandcamp.

The Letting Go (feat. Taylor McFerrin)