Rainbow Arabia‘s “Math Quiz” was one of the more overtly new wave tracks from its latest record, FM Sushi—featuring some very ’80s drums and synth riffs, which are supplemented by Tiffany Preston’s airy vocals and a smooth, echo-laden saxophone sailing over top. Electronic veteran Kid606 (pictured above) keeps the source material, but throws out the context in this new remix: The saxophone gets pushed to the background, where it’s enveloped by droning synth layers, and Preston’s vocals become a prime target for Miguel De Pedro’s glitchy fingers. He also adds a fair amount of heft to the drums, giving them a much more plodding, almost industrial drive. It’s a unique take on a song that could have been given any number of remix treatments, and arrives along with the band’s summer tour dates, which can be viewed below.

07/ 24 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
07/25 – Lowbrau, Sacramento
08/16 – Soundrive Festival, Gdansk, Poland
08/29 – Sun Agostino, Modena, Italy
08/30 – Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland
09/01 – Platzhirsch Festival, Duisburg, Germany
09/03 – White Heat, London, UK
09/05 – La Plage (Glazart), Paris, France
09/06 – BOYL @ Madame Moustache, Brussels, Belgium
09/07 – Valtifest, Netherlands Amsterdam
09/10 – Vega Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
09/11 – Fritzcorner presents @ Lilla Hotellbaren, Sweden Stockholm

Rainbow Arabia-Math quiz Kid606 vocal remix_MAST_16_44.1