Matiryaloka (a.k.a. Malte Andrae) will soon return with his debut EP, titled Drama Disc.

Describing his sound as “a marrying of the darker parts of electronic and pop music,” Malte draws on a myriad of influences, “combining underground sensibilities with
modern mainstream production.”

In advance of the EP’s February 20 release, “Siren” feat. Eleonora is downloadable in full via the WeTransfer button below. According to the Berlin-based artist, the track is the “perfect introduction” his “new direction and ever developing sound.”

Preorder here.


01. Siren feat. Eleonora
02. Rotation
03. Compromised feat. Nashira Cole
04. Shallow Waters feat. Stieber Eltron
05. Feral
06. Play
07. Air

Siren feat. Eleanore