Mattokìnd—Italian for “crazy” and German for “kid” stuck together as one word—are a Berlin-based two-piece of Jae and Cristiano (a freelance classical violinist and producer). Between them, they “bridge a gap between electronic and organic music,” creating starkly beautiful, intimate and stirring compositions as presented on their debut self-released EP.

After meeting coincidentally and hitting it off, soon many late nights followed and the pair would play records to one another until the sun crept up. Cristiano showed Jae ’90s post-rock and Jae shared her favorite recordings of Beethoven’s late string quartets. “Through these nocturnal listening sessions, we were able to gradually piece together the kind of world the other came from,” they say of these bonding sessions.

The finished product of said EP is a deeply rich one, dense in ambiance and gently skating around genres to never quite settle on ambient, or electronic, or classical or chamber pop anything else specifically definable. However, such ambiguity is something the duo are keen to explore further. “We associate ourselves with electronic music but not to any specific scene. There are pros and cons of this ambiguity of course but we feel that not being part of any scene facilitates more interesting possibilities. We feel that our genre of ambiguity gives us a good starting point to be flexible and unconstrained, to explore different live show formats.”

Now, “Scenescape,” the duo’s debut self-released single is available to listen and download via the WeTransfer button below.