2015 was the year of Cristi Tudorache, better known as Melodie. The latest in a long line of Romanians to grace the electronic music world with his productions, he has set himself apart from most of his fellow countrymen by developing a sound that favors a slightly fleshier approach to house, as opposed to the stripped back minimal churned out by many of those in the scene over the past few years. After a decade of quiet, assiduous practice, working away on his productions until he could be certain they were ready to go public, Melodie has enjoyed a year in which he was fast-tracked into the limelight on the back of a couple of highly acclaimed EPs. It was no coincidence that he was garnering the support of some of the local scene’s biggest players (a hotbed of talent that Will Ralston recently covered in detail for us), with a release on Raresh’s Metereze imprint, as well as being a staple in the DJ sets of many others, Romanian or otherwise.

Today’s free download is “Dimension X,” a track that captures the essence of this winning formula: With a subtle bassline pervading its restrained percussion, it is a gentle builder that would play a powerful tool when deployed at the right time. It is a nod towards the fact that he is set to continue his hot streak into 2016, and that there is plenty more to be expected from one of this year’s breakthrough artists. For more information on Tudorache, check out this informative feature that Resident Advisor put out about him earlier this year. Also, make sure to head to his Soundcloud page for more tracks, as well as DJ mixes too.

Dimension X