Just last week, the Bristol-based instrumentalist William Yates (a.k.a Memotone) released his sophomore LP titled CHIME HOURS via Black Acre. With the ability to play over eleven instruments proficiently, Yates comes from a musically talented family that has nurtured his love of grunge, minimal, classical composition, and electronic music. The influence of three genres shine through in his Memotone production and come together for an album whose “roots twists around rural horror, techno, and neo-classical sounds mixed with field recordings documenting archaic seasonal ceremonies.”

To help celebrate the release of his second album, Memotone has offered up the first track off the LP, “Across the Divide,” as today’s XLR8R download. The first two minutes of the track consists solely of a stunning yet anxiously portent piano composition. The track eventually trails into an ominous percussive element with a rising, granular, and fast paced sound that is steeped in darkness and ritual for a black and white excitement that is enveloped in witchcraft and awe.

You can download the track “Across the Divide” below via WeTransfer.

Across The Divide