Due out early next month, the latest EP from German talent B-Ju, Merianplatz, is set to land via French label Cosmonostro. Closing out the four-track effort is this remix from Jenovah, who works B-JU’s G-funked production into a more upbeat affair. Using the rework’s opening moments to briefly revisit the lush chords and sugary melodies of the original, Jenovah’s production takes a quick turn just after the one-minute mark, where the French producer first begins to dismantle and then brings back together B-Ju’s “Merianplatz” as a slinking club tune. Jenovah’s remix and three other original efforts from B-Ju will be included on the forthcoming Merianplatz EP when it sees an official release on June 2.

Merianplatz (Jenovah Remix)