Infiné is set to release Under Frustration, a three-part compilation from Tunisian collective Arabstazy, on May 25.

The compilation provides a look at the contemporary electronic music scene in the Arab world, whilst looking to deconstruct the occidental perceptions that see the Arab World as a culturally united and homogeneous entity—a “manifesto for the burgeoning wave of post-revolution futurism,” as the collective states. The cuts on the release range from drone and industrial outings to IDM, broken beat, and left-field techno.

In support of the release, Infiné Music has offered up a download of “Anubiya,” a track by Mettani, the solo project of Amine Metani, a French Tunisian electronic musician and founder of the Arabstazy collective and Tunisian record label Shouka. First composed as an OST for Marion Petegnief’s animated film Prophet, “Anubiya” furthers Mettani’s exploration of religious syncretisms, blending Islamic call for early prayer with the Dies Irae heard in Ingmar Bergman movie “The Seventh Seal”—it’s deep, trippy, and unhinged in all the right ways. 

You can download “Anubiya” below, with Under Frustration available for pre-order here