Last month XLR8R shared Comma‘s “Ken Griffey Jr.” in advance of his now-released Colortronics on Frite Nite. To celebrate the drop of the EP yesterday, Comma has offered up another teaser, the Om Unit remix of “Mezcal Hologram.” The track is a claustrophobic nightmare—the aural equivalent of an immense room in infinite contraction, as an expansive dub-acoustic cavern is manifested and then slowly reduced to a minuscule and anxiety-ridden size through frenetically skittering hi-hats. Download “Mezcal Hologram (Om Unit Remix)” below and pick up the Colortronics EP, which is also available as a special limited-edition cassette from Frite Nite. (via FACT)

Mezcal Hologram (Om Unit Remix)