Emerging from a background in “New Music” (a brand of classical music that has been expanded and informed by the minimalist tradition), Lorna Dune (born Lorna Krier, pictured above) has made a determined shift to techno without letting go of her prior interests in “high art.” The recently released Miamisphere EP is Lorna’s first foray into that realm, but her synthesist and minimalist leanings allow for an transition to the structures of the genre, exploring more romantic and sublime zones. L.I.E.S. affiliate Terekke‘s dusty and expansive remix of the title track turns the drifting synth odyssey into a bubbling, circuitous production. “Miamisphere (Terekke Remix)” submerges the original tune’s soaring harmonic progressions into its foundation, and propels itself with a solitary kick that seems to endlessly unwind with each revelatory development.

Miamisphere (Terekke Remix)