Tomorrow, Bay Area artist Michael Claus will release a new album on 100% Silk, titled Memory Protect.

Claus is a staple of the San Francisco scene, throwing renowned party Outpost and collaborating with artists such as the late Johnny Igaz (a.k.a. Nackt). Claus’ music, and especially that found on Memory Protect, falls in line with his Pacific Ocean residence—think foggy and hazy dub-infused chords with deep undulating basslines. Claus has been active in the scene for over a decade now, but it has only been in the past few years that he has dropped tracks under his own name. On Memory Protect, Claus presents eight cloudy, introspective cuts that hypnotize with subtle beauty.

In support of the release, Claus has offered up “Past Era,” a misty, groove-led outing, as today’s XLR8R download. You can pick up “Past Era” via WeTransfer below, with the album available here.

Past Era