Oakland producer Dave Reep might be a recognizable name to some readers, as his Elephant and Castle project has graced our pages before. His Transitions LP (released via Plug Research in 2012) was described by us as a “musical cocktail that shares more than a couple main ingredients with FlyLo’s mystifying Cosmogramma,” but Reep’s latest project, Black Beacon Sound, finds the producer focusing on a sound palette more aligned with the propulsive throb of techno and dark drive of the many splintering strands of UK bass music. A standout cut from his new Presence EP, “MicroComposer” takes hold of one strong idea and doesn’t let go. The song slowly builds on the foundation of a jerky, industrial groove, ringing piano chords, and a blurry bassline, eventually entering more cosmic territory with a spacey, tremolo guitar and distinct low-end thrust. Black Beacon Sound’s entire EP is available now as a “name-your-own-price” download, and can be streamed after the jump.