Sydney-based singer and producer Rainbow Chan (pictured above) has forged a career out crafting keenly forward-thinking pop music, which will be expanded on by a handful of artists for a remix collection due out on February 18 via the Silo Arts imprint. Ahead of the Long Vacation Remix EP, Rainbow Chan has shared a version of her “Milk” song by fellow Austrialian producer Cassius Select. The remixer’s brand of percussive techno is employed in full force here, as Rainbow Chan’s vocals are reduced to phased incidentals that slide up against and bounce off of the percussive patterns. A serene vibraphone melody weaves through the highs of Chan’s voice and the lows of the beat, driving the sublime half-time rhythm through warping pads, sparse trumpets, vaporous harmonies, and smoothly textured bass.

Milk (Cassius Select Remix)