As most of you obviously know, today is Belgium’s National Day, and to honor the occasion, the good folks at the Vlek imprint have offered up this track of one burgeoning Belgian artist, Sagat, remixing another, Cupp Cave (pictured above). Okay, so maybe you didn’t know that July 21 was a national day of celebration for the people of Belgium, but don’t let that detract from this subdued, textural re-imagining of “Mind Bones,” whose original version first appeared last month on Cupp Cave’s Dice Pool EP. Treading ground somewhere along the lines of Mount Kimbie-esque skitterings with a touch of Teebs-style grit, all wrapped up in a nice futuristic package, Sagat’s remix weaves, warps, and chops his counterpart’s warbly dance tune into something entirely fresh.

Mind Bones (Sagat Remix)