Preceded by many years of impressive singles and EPs, former Spectral regular Kate Simko has finally released her debut LP, Lights Out (digitally at least, the physical goods won’t arrive until next month), and has elected to share the album’s lead single, “Mind On You.” A fact we hipped you to back in our review of Simko’s album was that her time spent in Buenos Aires served as a great source of inspiration for this newest release, evidence of which can be found all over “Mind On You.” Of course, there are the obvious elements that point clearly to South America, such as the use of hand drums and bouncing percussion, but the more poignant—albeit somewhat subtle—aspect that really feels like Buenos Aires is the uncanny warmth Simko has managed to infuse into her traditionally dark and exact techno stylings. For now, we’ll have to savor the heat from this track and its album’s couterparts and wait to see if this new-found inspiration comes to characterize Simko’s work or just serves as a touchstone in the time-tested producer’s career.

Mind On You