Earlier this month, under his Mind Groove alias, Seven Villas label head Pablo Bolívar released The Sailor And The Mountain on Seven Villas’ sub-label Seven Villas Voyage.

The album and its 10 tracks are a tribute to Bolívar’s homeland, Cantabria, and were initially written there “between the sea and the mountains, between the blue and green.” The album as a whole evokes a beautiful sonic scenery, Bolívar’s 10 ambient excursions perfectly match the stunning coastal region of Cantabria. The release is also paired with a tale written by X. Balboa, in which a Finnish sailor plays the main character—the label recommends reading the tale while listening to the tracks on the album to fuse the musical and geographical aspects.

The album is available digitally and as a limited-edition CD that includes the tale by X. Balboa and a three-bodied package. You can find both options on Seven Villa Voyage’s Bandcamp page, with the album’s introspective title track available via WeTransfer below.

The sailor and the mountain (feat Manuel Obeso)