Inspired by the likes of filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and philosopher Walter Benjamin, Lucrecia Dalt crafts music that is intended to capture the opposing forces of listener expectation and the music’s actual presence. With a few weeks left before the release of her new album Syzygy, Dalt has offered LP cut “Mirage.” The track anxiously opens with a high-register tone and a sustained organ moan, as shrills and a pulsating bassline enter and dip out of the scene like car headlights in a fog. The singer’s laconic vocals poke in and out of the mix, too, draped in reverb at one point and desperately raw at another. It all helps make “Mirage” an illusory experience that sits just inches away from perceptibility. Syzgy will be released on October 15 via Human Ear, and a video for Dalt’s track “Inframince” can be viewed after the jump.