The latest release to land on Norwegian label DX Seven Collective will be from leading Swedish producer Mitch Murder.

Murder has been an associate of the imprint since 2012 when he dropped his first single via the label. Now with six albums and numerous EPs under his belt, Murder will present The Real Deal EP, a collection of synth throwbacks, harking to the golden days of Wall Street.

The five tracks on the EP were “written with the intention of re-creating that ’80s Wall Street feeling; the feeling a stockbroker gets when scoring a deal.”

Like the artwork, the tracks are multi-colored retro outings—synth tracks that bleed fun. With the EP acting as a time machine, Murder attempts to transport you to a vibrant scene in ’80s New York and does so with style.

Out on October 21, you can download EP cut “Prime Operator” in full via WeTransfer below.

Prime Operator