Atlanta-based producer and co-founder of the Embassy label (alongside Distal), Mite will soon drop his Locker Code EP via the imprint. A five-track endeavor which nimbly dissects the worlds of bass-fueled beatwork, techno, and grime, Locker Code will include the half-time roll of “Horn Anthem” in its run. Built atop booming kicks, snapping snares and rims, and a steady stream of off-kilter hats, the appropriately titled track goes on to drape a series of punchy horn lines (or at least synths that sound a lot like horns) and glowing synthwork atop the track’s 808-made frame. Mite (whose “Cemetery Seance” production is set to appear early on in Mumdance‘s upcoming Fabric mix) will drop his Locker Code EP via Embassy later this month; in the meantime, “Horn Anthem” can be downloaded below, where a preview stream of Mite’s upcoming record has also been included.

Horn Anthem