We premiered the original version of this tune from Prauge DJ/producer Tvyks and UK MC C. Monts in late 2010, and now we have this equally hyped-up remix by Chicago juke patron Chrissy Murderbot for you. The Windy City producer tosses loads of percussion into his mix, infuses his rhythms with almost inaudibly low bass frequencies, and reworks the original synth melody into a flurry of stabs that immediately recalls old-school rave favorites (not to mention contemporary revivalists of that sound like Zomby or Lone). At first, C. Monts’ vocal delivery remains untouched in this version, but as we continue further into “Mitte Riddim (Chrissy Murderbot Remix),” those too get the ol’ chop-and-tweak. You can check out more takes on Tvyks track from the Prauge to Berlin Remixed EP here.

Mitte Riddim (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)