Albert’s Favourites a is new South London vinyl imprint focusing on one thing: artists from that area who enjoy analog production. It was co-founded by Adam Scrimshire, Dave Koor and Jonny Drop, whose debut beat tape and 7” was released via the label in January.

The first EP comes from synth-production duo Modified Man, a project consisting of Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, who records and performs with Andrew Ashong, Connie Constance and his own band, The Expansions.

Entitled Modifications: Set 1, the release consists of a diverse set of six tracks recorded over the last 18 months as Dave Koor and Scrimshire found their feet, writing together for the first time in their Thornton Heath studio.

Among these six tracks is “Modification 1,” the very first composition and experiment in this new project. Each part of this track was made as live, even down to Scrimshire manipulating the tape echo on Koor’s Rhodes solo as an integral part of the solo, each responding to the other.

Ahead of the EP’s June 10 release, the label has kindly offered an edit of opener “System Is Fatal” as one of today’s free downloads.


1. System Is Fatal
2. Modification 1
3. Questionable Things
4. Fractus
5. Stratus (Part 1 & 2)
6. Hythe Path

System Is Fatal (Modified Short Version)