At the very least, Dutch producer Arts the Beatdoctor deserves some credit for naming this track just about perfectly. “Moebius’ Travels”—a cut which stems from the man’s forthcoming Lazy Thunder EP—is certainly a journey, one which wastes little time before jumping into its refracted sonics and full-throttle boom-bap. As the good “Doctor” navigates through his dense expedition, he slowly begins to peel back the pieces, eventually finding himself in the midst of a placid breakdown. He falls right back into the thick of his sonic travels shortly thereafter, and the extra melody that jumps into the mix for the track’s latter half only makes “Moebius’ Travels” even more of a worthwhile journey. Arts The Beatdoctor’s Lazy Thunder EP is out tomorrow, complete with additional remixes from Sam a la Bamalot and Flako.

Moebius Travels