Molecule is one of the most original techno producers in France who made a real breakthrough last year with his concept album 60°43’ Nord, which was recorded on a trawler on the Atlantic Ocean. Molecule recorded the sounds of the boat, the storms, and the ocean to create a really original sound universe. Since then he played on some of the best electronic venues and festivals in France. He’s now preparing the release of a new album, for which he spent one month in a total immersion at the North Pole. and today presents a Traumer remix of album track “Abysses.”

Today he shares a Traumer remix of album track “Abysses.”There is no real story behind that remix, only vibes, and feelings. It’s the staff behind Molecule project who made the connection between the both artists and simply recognized that the Traumer sound signature would fit the aquatic techno of the 60°43’Nord project.