Luxembourg’s Monophona have today released a new LP, Girls on Bikes, Boys Who Sing.

Monophona is the project of DJ-producer P. Schirrer (a.k.a Chook) and singer-songwriter Claudine Muno, who team up to create music that’s both electronic and acoustic, equal parts analog and digital, where guitars and pianos meet samples and beats.

This latest album follows 2012’s debut The Spy, featuring break out track, “Give Up,” and also Blackonblack in 2015.

Speaking about Girls On Bikes, Boys Who Sing, Muno explains why fans should expect a newly found political edge to their atmospheric sound:

“With everything that happened in the world these last two years, it seemed impossible to write only about personal matters and shut out world events. When we were young, we didn’t think that the world in the 21st century would be like this—we thought it might be freer, more tolerant. Many people still have to fight for the most basic human rights, like to ride a bike if they want to, to sing about whatever is on their mind. This is why the new album is angrier than its predecessors.”

Completing the dynamic line up is percussionist Jorsch Kass.

Marking today’s release, album cut “I Will Be Wrong” can be downloaded via the WeTransfer button below.